Hosting with the Zaccaro Server

Would you like to have your website hosted on a blazingly fast VPS without any of the hassle? What if we told you it costs just $3?

What You Get for $3:

What You Don't Get:

The Details

Server: The Zaccaro Server is a VPS powered by ChunkHost. It serves up several sites including the one you are reading,, and It runs Ubuntu 10.04, and is backed up nightly to multiple locations. Software packages installed on the server include (but are not limited to): Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP5, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, and Nginx. All websites are served by Nginx, though if a dynamic site is being generated then Nginx acts only as a reverse-proxy. Access to any of the database systems running on the server is available to any customer that asks. The addition of new accounts, domains, and subdomains are all done by hand, and thus require some amount of waiting.

Payment: Payments are accepted via check if paying in advance for 6 months or more, and via PayPal if you are paying month-to-month. Other payment methods can be discussed.

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